Monday, 21 April 2014

Fleur du printemps


Beautiful days have arrived.

We wake up at 8am to the ray of light from outside our windows. The usual dark sky of winter has already gone. Disappear. Vanish to somewhere on the other side of the globe.

The editorial this month is inspired by the nature of spring.
Sunlight, blue sky, sounds of the streets, chilly air, early flowers in the bloom... The feeling towards life is different when spring arrives. A feel of freshness.

An image of a tulip crossed my mind when I was struggling with pen and paper sketching this dress and the concept. Its colour evolves, transforms from light to dark, and at some point the petals almost turn iridescent according to the sun.
A girl with her bare feet on the forest ground, she walks, she runs, she smells, she feels. Spring everywhere in the air.
Anh Huy Pham suggested we did this shoot at Bois de Boulogne, and it was absolutely a right idea. The scenery is just magnificent with turquoise water around the islands and bulbs of flowers and plants beginning to sprout. Ha Tra did a great job of doing the shoot on her bare feet in the cold weather. (Spring is not that warm yet, I feel really guilty every time I think about this) Viet Cuong Hoang did the make up with perfect mixture of purple and blue on her eyes, translucent skin and lips.

We had a great time and after I went home, I still had some Igor Stravinsky music that we played in the background - Le sacre du printemps - in my head.
And a cold also. But it was worth it. :)

Clothes by Mimi Minh Nguyen
Photo: Anh Huy Pham
Make up: Viet Cuong Hoang
Model: Ha Tra

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Dreaming in frames


Fashion photography is not about clothes, or about people.

It creates fantasies. It requires imagination to inspire imagination in others.

My head was full of fantasies when I stepped out of the exhibition Papier Glacé at Palais Galliera Paris.
The exhibition consists of the work of many famous fashion photographers for Condé Nast from 1918 till now, together with fifteen garments from Palais Galliera on display.
There is a theatrical ambiance in the work of Cecil Beaton and Deborah Turbeville, surrealisme in the work of Guy Bourdin and some intense emotions in the portraits work of Irving Penn... Also many inspiring images from legendary photographers Frances McLaughlin-Gill, William Klein, Peter Lindberg...presented in white frames.
Each white frame is a slice of fantasy, or a pause from a beautiful movie.

I went there with my friend Anh Huy Pham. We felt so inspired that I asked him to take some pictures outside of the exhibition, where the stair and columns of the Palais creating a perfect 'frame'.

Because we don't bring any camera so all photos here were taken with my iphone.

IMG_6293 IMG_6342

The exhibition Papier Glacé is from 1st March to 25 May 2014 at
10 avenue Pierre Ier de Serbie 75116 Paris.

Monday, 31 March 2014

A cure for smart phone addiction.

How long can you go without your phone? Do you have a habit of constantly checking your friends news on facebook, new images on instagram, reading new blog posts on Bloglovin, checking your email every 20 minutes for news (again) sent to your inbox?

I have to be honest with you. That's me.

Is there someone out there as bad as I am?

A desire to know what's happening out there and stay connected has keep us touching, looking at the screen.
Is there a way to cure this modern addiction?
It is. And this one is for a good cause :)

If you don't touch your phone for 10 minutes, a child will get a day's worth of clean drinking water. 
If you put your phone down on a flat surface for 10 minutes, corporate sponsors like Giorgio Armani Fragrances will donate money to the UNICEF Tap Project that will then be used towards water, sanitation and hygiene programs in the neediest countries. According to the organization, ”768 million people do not have access to safe, clean drinking water, and 2.5 billion people live without proper sanitation.”
To start the challenge, participants have to go to UNICEF Tap Project‘s website on their phones. The longer you set your phone down, the more donations will be made.
I has tried Tap project during my work-day and I work more effectively without losing time looking at my phone too much. Conversations with friends become better also when we don't look at our phones... 

And it couldn't be better when our motivation is for a good cause :)

Friday, 21 March 2014

Almost Blue


It was a sunny afternoon when we discovered this wonderful location in Paris.
Yes yes, in Paris ! You did not read it wrong !

"Wow, is this Paris?" was the first phrase I heard from everyone when we arrived at the spot - a small rue near Gare de Lyon with this unexpected scenery. It looks like another version of somewhere in Venice with colourful little houses, but in softer hues.

I was literally running from my fabric shopping to the photoshoot so I tried to dress colourful - but casually as possible. Story of my life, Mimi is always rushing! ... But it's true that I have gradually absorbed the Parisian style, practical and fun with the play of colours. I combined different shades of blue from the top to the skirt and also the shoes. A petit bag like this is always practical, since I just need to stuff it with a purse for money, a card holder, and a lipstick.

I just cut my hair. It was a result of a crazy morning, I thought "this looks so normal" I took a scissors and cut-it-by-myself, my chest-length long hair.
I feel more and more confident now...
But the first day I went down the street with short hair, I felt so strange and uncomfortable for such a huge change. Just like I had been dethroned ! My super long hair was a source of attention and admiration. However the longer I get along with my short hair, I feel freer, fresher, and fun. I think I can live for a while with this sudden decision, cause it's not that bad after all.

Some of my dresses are still in the making... so I promise to show you next time some better looking girls than me, as I promised you a special photoshoot on the 20th every month.

Actually... this is the 21st. Sorry. I hope you like the colours of the shoot here so that you can forgive me !

Tell me what you think in the comments or if you have any questions do not hesitate to write me! Always love to talk and connect with people!



_MG_4963 copy













Top and skirt: vintage (Sorry I normally love to wear clothes from nowhere :) but you can find similar colours combination of top here, and skirt here) / Little bag: Michael Kors / Boots: Zara. (style has run out but you can find a very interesting Asos one here)

And of course I can't live without my red lipstick :)

Photos: Anh Huy Pham.

Saturday, 15 March 2014



I love to wear black... though I love colours.
Why? Black is simple, and less distracting. You can wear a black dress without looking "too much". And as a fashion designer and student, I prefer black when I work because it is less distracting.

This is a vintage dress from my mom. (Yes, really. She was always ahead of her time. She could pick anything in a newly-discovered shop from nowhere and put it on and everyone wants it)
I love the simplicity of a dress like this, I can just throw it on, zip it, and wear it to almost every occasion, from school to work or a dinner...

I don't know who was the first to invent the little black dress, but I own that person a lot :)
(probably Coco Chanel?)