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Welcome to my blog!

I live and create in Paris, France. You can view more of my work here.

My blog Mimi Vesper is written with my personal view and passion. I enjoy creating beautiful images and editorials with interesting stories behind them.

I’m obsessed with finding colours harmony in nature and in clothes, romantic and spontaneous moments in Paris and travel, and ideas to dress differently. 

I’m a fan of mixing colours. Colour is a fatal weapon to evoke emotions. I like colours to have a balance sense of “harmony”, this combination should not be too saturated, not too dim.

Paris is my unlimited source of inspiration that has influenced me enormously. It changed my view about style completely.

Tough city. But it creates incredible characters! (Isn’t Chanel one of them?)

“Elegance does not consist of putting on a new dress.” You can dress well mixing high and low, and vintage… I’m a fan of vintage and DIY.

I can speak English fluently thanks to spending my adolescence in London, England. Vietnamese is my mother tongue. I also speak French (almost) fluently.

Why Vesper?

Vesper is the name of a character I really like in a James Bond movie. She’s charming, witty and complicated, just like the cocktail that was named after her.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me: mimi@mimivesper.com

I love reading your emails!