Almost Blue


It was a sunny afternoon when we discovered this wonderful location in Paris.
Yes yes, in Paris ! You did not read it wrong !

“Wow, is this Paris?” was the first phrase I heard from everyone when we arrived at the spot – a small rue near Gare de Lyon with this unexpected scenery. It looks like another version of somewhere in Venice with colourful little houses, but in softer hues.

I was literally running from my fabric shopping to the photoshoot so I tried to dress colourful – but casually as possible. Story of my life, Mimi is always rushing! … But it’s true that I have gradually absorbed the Parisian style, practical and fun with the play of colours. I combined different shades of blue from the top to the skirt and also the shoes. A petit bag like this is always practical, since I just need to stuff it with a purse for money, a card holder, and a lipstick.

I just cut my hair. It was a result of a crazy morning, I thought “this looks so normal”…so I took a scissors and cut-it-by-myself, my chest-length long hair.
I feel more and more confident now…
But the first day I went down the street with short hair, I felt so strange and uncomfortable for such a huge change. Just like I had been dethroned ! My super long hair was a source of attention and admiration. However the longer I get along with my short hair, I feel freer, fresher, and fun. I think I can live for a while with this sudden decision, cause it’s not that bad after all.

Some of my dresses are still in the making… so I promise to show you next time some better looking girls than me, as I promised you a special photoshoot on the 20th every month.

Actually… this is the 21st. Sorry. I hope you like the colours of the shoot here so that you can forgive me !

Tell me what you think in the comments or if you have any questions do not hesitate to write me! Always love to talk and connect with people!



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Top and skirt: vintage (Sorry I normally love to wear clothes from nowhere 🙂 but you can find similar colours combination of top here, and skirt here) / Little bag: Michael Kors / Boots: Zara. (style has run out but you can find a very interesting Asos one here)

And of course I can’t live without my red lipstick 🙂

Photos: Anh Huy Pham.

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