Behind the scenes – Fleur du printemps


Just a quick update which I would like to share with you some sketches and behind the scenes photos for the editorial Fleur du printemps.
I’ve been busy lately with tons of things to wrap up before I leave Paris to go to Vietnam for 3 months this summer. Schools, business plans, sketches, housing…have been occupying me recently.

I also want to let you know there will be a big change in the appearance and also direction of Mimi Vesper blog. It’s been a pleasure for me to share beautiful photos with my stories and my work, as well as some articles about fashion inspiration on my blog, but I have not been committed on posting regularly, and this will change. I’m also looking for some technical help to make my blog look better and easier to read and find articles, I’ve been doing this on my own actually, with my little knowledge of HTML and Google 🙂 I enjoy making layouts and designs but for technical issues I’ve been struggling for a long time.

This 3 month trip (from June to September) will be spending time with my family and (I hope) developing a real business on my own. 2 years ago I experimented with fashion design and though I stopped my brand 2 years ago, until now I still have customers email asking me to dress them. It’s always been my passion to dress women, make them feel comfortable in what they wear and most of all, feel loved. I’m still faithful with the concept, but my style has been evolved a lot during more than 1 year I stay in Paris.
I hope I can bring you better things, as I am a person who is always looking for improving myself and what I do.

Again thanks my team for this photoshoot. I’m very thankful to have talented friends:
My friend photographer Anh Huy Pham and his assistant Hoang Nam Vo.
Make up by Viet Cuong Hoang.
Model: Ha Tra

If you visit Paris this summer, it is worth a visit to Bois de Boulogne to see this handsome scenery and maybe go sailing on a boat because they have a beautiful lake there.
It would be nice to have a shooting on a small boat. But too bad, we did not do any boating because I don’t know how to swim and would rather stay away from the water ! 🙂

Keep an eye on Mimi Vesper around the 20th every month for a special story.
Mimi. IMG_8019


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