Black Jazz

_DSC0376Paris has turned into autumn.

I was sketching this look while listening to my Amy Winehouse playlist. Her slow, dark, jazz music has inspired me for a long time. I always love jazz, you know.

And I also love the classic palette of black and white.

Normally white is for the summer, cause it looks good under the sun. But wearing white with a mix of black – a blazer and a hat in this gloomy weather….If it suits my mood, why not?

I would like to introduce you to one of my favourite white shirts I designed with graphic black lines around the collars and the wrist.



_DSC0391 _DSC0392







my sketches

my sketches

White shirt with graphic black lines: Mimi Minh Nguyen.

White jeans: Asos, Heels: M&S;, Blazer vintage, Hat vintage, Kate Spade earrings.

Photo: Anh Huy Pham

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