I’m a retro girl. I love the 50s, 60s and even the 80s. I could just enter a cafe with friends, dress completely different from all of them with curls, red lips and a black dress, and probably when they were in the peak of the conversation, I would be completely lost in a day dream of an old movie that I would not know what they were talking about if they turned around to ask me….OK, I’m exaggerating, I don’t put my head in the clouds that much. (right?)

But…I have to admit that I have just lost my phone. (talking about head in the clouds. Pfff.) And no matter how much I like old movies, I don’t believe I can live in a world without internet, wifi, 3G, 4G or whatsoever. A life without my iphone means that I have to resist a frustration that I cannot take pictures everywhere, no instagram, no weather checking, and no google maps! Therefore in order to survive, I borrow an ipad (to keep log into instagram) and fill in the phone insurance file. And yes, all my friends tease me that now they understand why I pay a master insurance for my phone. :s

Solving with the mess from losing the phone, plus the stress of the end of the year and new plans make me really care less about being a retro lady. I decided to be a BOY for one day. I have my inner tomboy, the one who played football in high school, who liked jeans and t-shirts and who did not brush her hair…(unbelievable if you have known me for less than 5 years) So, I pulled out my ripped levis jeans, jeans shirt from the bottom of my closet, and threw them on. To be honest, I thought I looked like a homeless teen at first, but after putting on high heels and a suede pink bag (which I made), I felt fine. If you want to wear a “denim on denim” look like this, or boyish clothes, it’s better to combine them with feminine items like high heels.

So… I walked around with my boy-friends (friends that are boys) and a vintage camera. I need a walk sometimes, you know, to clear my mind and mostly to enjoy Paris. I think I just fall in love with the city day by day.

Suede pink bag by Mimi Minh Nguyen




Photos from my iphone by Anh Huy Pham and me. Edited by me.

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