Breath of a new season

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My blog is back! It’s been through a big operation!

I was lucky to find a team who could help me with technical points for my new blog design. It now looks more like myself with my hand-drawn images and icons. New look also comes with new features! There is a new page: Selected by Mimi, where I can create a selection of clothing monthly based on themes and seasons. Since I wear mostly the clothes I make (as a fashion design student), and clothes I bought but have been customised, there is a section under every outfit post where you can find items of the look or similar items.

I hope you enjoy these new features and can find some cool things.

I want to be clear with my readers about everything, so I would like to tell you that I do have affiliate programs on my blog, which can help me make some revenues to keep the blog going. Yes, this is absolutely an important point, and I also want you to know that as the author, I am always honest with my opinions. I ONLY give my most honest reviews and I will not feature anything I won’t buy or won’t want to use.

Above all, this is actually something I enjoy: sharing with you my style, my points of view, my life. 

Now we’re in the middle of summer.

I’m enjoying the sun, the sea and road trips in South East Asia but can’t help missing Paris very much.

Paris, for me, is a weird city. I did not like it so much when I moved there from London…Paris, what can I say? It is not modern, it has many faults… But just like being with a lover: first we lust for someone (who does not lust for Paris when you first see the city?), when lust fades, lovers can fight and disagree because they see the imperfections in the other person, but if they can pass that fighting period and understand each other, love actually comes, and this time it stays long.

Here are some photos I took in my favourite area of Paris: Saint-Germain-des-Prés, just before the trip. I did a lot of things that day: having breakfast with a friend at Cafe de Flore, going to some French pharmacies nearby to buy some skincare products which I would bring with me on my trip, then some shops and bookstores… It was raining and cold at times. (Bringing a jacket or  light coat with you during summer in Paris is very much recommended !) Despite the rain, the ambiance was amazing. Famously crowded coffee shops where you can hear English-speaking tourists and see some old Parisians enjoying coffee and eggs for breakfast, street artists, fresh flowers, old buildings, quiet bookstores, lovely items through the shops windows, and the smell after the rain….

I’m eager to come back soon in September !

breath of a new season-10

Wearing: Linen coat: Zara / Cashmere top: stolen from my mom / Trousers: Esprit / Shoes: Zara / Vintage Longchamp bag bought in Le Marais. (You may want to take a look at my suggestion for this look in the section below the post, it is a new feature!)

Hope you enjoy the photos.



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