So May has come! Summer is just around the corner! Paris is warmer and nicer and I am able to hang out with my blazers and light-coloured pants! Actually I always love wearing white or cream pants no matter it is winter or summer... just that now people can look at me like I'm normal because ...

Inspiration of the week #1

Hello everyone! Here is some inspiration for the week.
As the weather is getting colder I’m thinking of throwing some knit top on a summer dress, and some top or skirt over a jumpsuit. Mix the stripes together, try stripes on stripes, stripes on black/white, play with colours. And maybe lying on the stair as one of the images below to pose glamorously for photos.


I sat down with Lam for the first time outside of a boulangerie in Le Marais. We smiled. Her crimson red lips contrasted with those very calm, black eyes. She lit up. Smokes stayed for a while around us, then blended in the grey, cold Parisian winter air…