Guide to 8 most photogenic places in Paris

Paris no doubt is one of the most photogenic places in the world! Ahhh, the Eiffel tower again! (I know, I know…).

Each year there are around 25 millions tourists coming to Paris, and 99% of them come to top destinations like the Eiffel Tower or Louvre museum…. But believe me, this post is not just about naming the most popular places to visit where there are full of people. I’m gonna guide you to the most photogenic places in Paris with beautiful corners that I have just had a chance to sight-see with my Vietnamese friend Helly Tong when she came to visit me.

Having lived here for 3 years, I could say I know this city well. However going around Paris with someone who came here for the first time like this, was such a rare occasion that I could see Paris again with fresh eyes.

Colour of the sun

I always love this part of Paris.
Apart from the tourist crowd around La Basilique du Sacré Coeur, the rest of Montmartre behind the Basilique was gracefully quiet on a summer afternoon in August, where I walked uphill to rue Caulaincourt to see all the beautiful stairs and passageways.

I never thought of wearing suede in summer weather, but I did…


So May has come! Summer is just around the corner! Paris is warmer and nicer and I am able to hang out with my blazers and light-coloured pants! Actually I always love wearing white or cream pants no matter it is winter or summer... just that now people can look at me like I'm normal because ...

The begin of Spring

Paris is full of flowers! And the clock finally changed last weekend. It is officially spring time! Here are some photos of me from the visit to musée Rodin with Lam. Lam took the photos with my camera, I edited them :) I love this kimono jacket by Lam. It is fresh to wear kimono as another layer ...


First post of the year. At my favourite coffee shop in Paris. Talking about my ups and downs recently, my break up and how I recover it, my plans for 2015, and what I’m doing everyday to get a better self.