Coton Coloré

Colours tell us stories, and often give us the impression of characters, too.
Brown, grey or any dusty colour often associate with boring people. To wear taupe and not being boring is like breaking the standard prejudice about colours (and about ourselves).
How I love breaking prejudice!
Like that taupe coat with a touch of jeans textures, worn with pink and magenta. Mushy white flowers on a rough canvas band, flowing over a navy, dusty blue silhouette. It is a spring morning in Normandy, with fresh, cold air in March…

Mimi Vesper Boutique

As I mentioned about my secret plan to open a vintage clothing store last week, I would like to show you some pictures from our collection in this post. We've been working on this for more than 1 month and I am finalising some details so that the site: can go live in a few hours. The concept ...