Denim dress

I’ve been looking for a perfect denim dress for ages!

It has to be in a perfect blue colour, I’d always prefer it to be in blue blue to greenish blue. Faded blue can be interesting too. Some pockets, big buttons. A belt! I always love unusual touches, the contrast between forms and materials. We’ve seen many flowy, silk dresses with belt, so for a denim dress, a belt is such a pretty touch to enhance the feminine form that contrasts with the tough material.

Kitchen talk

I spend a lot of time staying at home in Paris lately and organising my plans for school and work. That makes my travel-bug bite become so uncomfortable and gives me a fluctuating mood. That’s the power of weather, isn’t it? I’m doing my best to avoid being affected by it.
Here I have some solutions…

Colour of the sun

I always love this part of Paris.
Apart from the tourist crowd around La Basilique du Sacré Coeur, the rest of Montmartre behind the Basilique was gracefully quiet on a summer afternoon in August, where I walked uphill to rue Caulaincourt to see all the beautiful stairs and passageways.

I never thought of wearing suede in summer weather, but I did…


I couldn’t describe the colours of Venice.
We all know the Italian love colours (wait for my photos of Cinque Terre coming soon), but this, the colours of Venice, they are a little different, not too vibrant, not too dim… they are combined together in a perfect harmony that just took my heart away immediately!

Rock ‘n’ Rose

The first day of the fashion week did not start easily. I woke up at 7am to prepare for the Phillip Lim menswear show at 8:30 and my train to Marseille not long after. The protest of the Parisian taxi drivers against Uber really got us running when it took 30 mins to get an Uber car with a ...

A creamy palette

Summer has just officially started for me! Finally I have finished the school year of fashion design and ready for travels and adventures. I have been sick for a few days after the jury of the school because I was working - no, procrastinating literally - for 2 days without an actual meal except for biscuits ...


So May has come! Summer is just around the corner! Paris is warmer and nicer and I am able to hang out with my blazers and light-coloured pants! Actually I always love wearing white or cream pants no matter it is winter or summer... just that now people can look at me like I'm normal because ...