Kitchen talk

I spend a lot of time staying at home in Paris lately and organising my plans for school and work. That makes my travel-bug bite become so uncomfortable and gives me a fluctuating mood. That’s the power of weather, isn’t it? I’m doing my best to avoid being affected by it.
Here I have some solutions…

More dash than cash: How to

My best friend has just told me that a friend of us had just asked about me : if I all dressed in designers clothes.
I’m flattered to hear this, but no, I really don’t have a budget that big for clothes.
Let’s think high street and vintage! But select them with your super trained eyes then wear them proudly like they’re designers! Here are the things I always have in mind when I go in a store to buy clothes and accessories:

The case of cream trousers

I've been obsessed with cream trousers. I love a perfectly straight cut or a crop to a perfect length. Jeans is for everyone. And dark-colour pants are too serious, too workwear. I would love this "masculine item" in a light colour. It's even better if it's in linen, or have a light-scratch textures like the one I ...