Chic packing light how to #1: Shoes that go with you everywhere

One cute pair for everyday activities, one comfortable pair for running late, one pair of heels for dinner or going on a date with a handsome man if needed…. I would need to bring 3 pairs of shoes at least! 3 PAIRS…OMG they would take enormous space! What can I do? No date possibility or no running late? Well, we can never tell things before they happen… I should bring them all!)
Should I?

Palazzo Sant’Angelo

Venice was a blast! One of the thing that made me happy the most was the hotel Helly and I stayed in Venice. The Palazzo Sant'Angelo really won my heart with their fine interior, magnificent view and excellent service. Therefore I decide to write a post to recommend them (though they did not pay me to do this), and most ...


I couldn’t describe the colours of Venice.
We all know the Italian love colours (wait for my photos of Cinque Terre coming soon), but this, the colours of Venice, they are a little different, not too vibrant, not too dim… they are combined together in a perfect harmony that just took my heart away immediately!

5 must-do’s in Marseille

I had a chance to visit Marseille last month and it was really a wonderful experience. Marseille is quite a “photogenic” city, my camera was on all the time to capture every picturesque moment because there are so many.
It is a big city. For first-time visit, I think it could take at least 3 days to explore.
Here are my favourite must-do’s in town…

Northern Heritage

Some say Ha Noi feels like Paris at times. That, I agree. Retro ambiance is everywhere: old buildings and pavements, flea markets, hidden passages… the way the people still keep their old ways of doing things like going to the park for morning exercises and joining the crowd eating street food on tiny tables and chairs on the street…

Mimi at Lam

Remember my article about Lam? As soon as I landed in Saigon, I wanted to visit Lam immediately the day after. It is a little boutique on the first floor of 76A Le Loi street, one of the most expensive commercial street of Saigon. Many clothing, tattoo, or coffee shops opened recently are like this, they're sort ...