Chanel + Lolita

chanel and lolita

As you know, my long time muse is a girly and cheesy image of Lolita. And my illustrations in school ended up “too girly” or “too cute”. My style has changed constantly through time. And finally it has become a fear when I picked up my pencil, because I was afraid of repeating the cute images.

Somehow I want to try to find a way to make that image into a more grown up and classier image that I could use for my designs. So I started with…Chanel. Chanel and Lolita, opposite ladies, aren’t them 🙂

I have quite a lot of spare time these days…So this morning, I just pulled a heart-shaped sunglasses and a Chanel No5 bottle out of my drawer and started to look at them. And then I drew them.

They give me an enjoyable time to draw and think about defining my style.

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