Chic packing light how to #1: Shoes that go with you everywhere


Packing light can be stylish and chic too!

Shoes usually take a lot of space when we travel. I understand your pain when it comes to shoes decision!
I used to sit around and look at my shoes for hours and could not decide: which pairs should I take with me, or should I take the biggest valise to fit all of the pairs I love? Would my friends/boyfriend will be laughing at me if I took this giant valise whereas I just traveled for 2 days and 1 night?…. etc. You see, the packing itself does not consuming, the decisions of what to bring are!

So what was on my mind back then?

One cute pair for everyday activities, one comfortable pair for running late, one pair of heels for dinner or going on a date with a handsome man if needed…. I would need to bring 3 pairs of shoes at least! 3 PAIRS…OMG they would take enormous space! What can I do? No date possibility or no running late? Well, we can never tell things before they happen… I should bring them all!)

Hmm… actually I only need to bring one pair of shoes. ONE perfect pair that satisfies all of my needs above. One pair that goes with everything, fits all occasions.

Does a pair of shoes like this exist? The answer is yes 🙂

VESPERinVenice (8 of 12)*Did you notice that on my travel around Europe this summer, from the south of France to Italy and Denmark… I almost wear one pair of black sandals? These photogenic shoes have heels that enhance my figure, go with every outfit, and comfortable.

In the perfect world, according to my experience of stylish packing light, a perfect pair of shoes should be:

1/ Comfortable. Walking is the best way to explore a city.

2/ Have a little bit of heels to enhance the figure. To be comfortable, these heels should be low-square block heels. Under 5cm. I suck at walking in heels, trust me. But something square block, 5cm and under is perfectly fine. I walked on a rocky lavender fields in Aix en Provence to dinner with these.

3/ In neutral colours. Black, nude, tan go with everything! You don’t have to worry about shoes that don’t match your outfits. We save time to explore.

Here are some sandals with low square block heels that are perfect to bring with you on travel. Most of them are black with simple, minimalist shapes that are easy to mix with any outfit, comfortable enough for day time and elegant enough to go out at night.

Hope you enjoy this post and find your perfect pair of shoes that follows you on your journey.

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