Coffee cream – blue cocktail


That day we visited Chateau d’If, a place full of imagination that links with the legend Monte Cristo. It is located on Ile d’If, the smallest island of Frioul archipelago just a mile away from the land of Marseille.

From Vieux Porte, you can buy the tickets to visit one or both “Ile d’if and Iles du Friouls” for 10-15 euros.

Our ship departed from Vieux Port at 11am. The water was sparkling with the incredible shades of blue colour. The colour of the water changes depends on the seaweeds under and the depth of the sea. It makes me think of the blue cocktail curaçao that comes in various flavors and colours.

I’m back to my favourite colour combination: coffee cream and white. My clothes, folded carefully in my dense valise, couldn’t help to have some wrinkles thanks to the cotton material. However, as a fan of cotton, I think it is the slightly rough, easy wrinkled surface that gives the clothes a natural, on-vacation feeling. With a pair of black flats and a hat, I had a very comfortable and pleasant day to discover the islands.

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