Cotton Mustard

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I only have a few days left in Saigon. Cannot believe 3 months have gone so fast!

My big collection, a new idea for a line of accessories is reaching towards its production and photoshoot, I’m running every day to have everything sorted before next tuesday.

I also did a short project about Saigon: a tote bag printed with an image of “Thuong Xa Tax”. The bag is made with linen canvas and has black and white images printed on in vintage style. I will post that on very soon. This design is a way to express my love for Saigon, where I was born, and it is also my tribute to Thuong Xa Tax, the building built more than a century ago is about to be demolished for a new shopping mall and metro station.

These days it is difficult to balance between my work on the collection, my blog, and time for meeting friends and family…I have little time for myself so no polished nails, no lovely voluminous curled hair, simple make-up and I put on the most practical clothes I find, normally it would be a skinny jeans and a boyfriend-shirt with pointed flats, simple but dressy enough to go from factories to meetings. Only in this shoot I spent a day going back to my inner lady with a dress in mustard colour which I really really love. (Found this at H&M Champs-Elysées and it does not seem like a colour people would go for, they normally pick black and navy, which I also found gorgeous, but a little boring)

We shot these pictures next to the zoo where I used to go to many times when I was a kid. I bought a cotton candy at a “mobile cotton candy counter” on a bike (If you ever come to Saigon you know what I mean 🙂 Saigon is changed a lot but this is one of the things which stay the same: candy and balloon sellers move around on bicycles.) I had not had cotton candy in years. When a soft and sugary taste melt in my mouth, I knew my day was made.

Photos: Le Tri & Aji Tak

Dress: H&M / Bag: Vintage Longchamp / Shoes: Zara. (links for similar items can be found under this post)

Northern Heritage

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