Holidays are here!

So the days rushing for homework deadlines are over (for a while). Last-minute work submission, last-minute christmas shopping…. all is done and quiet after the eve of Christmas. What’s better than dressing nicely and go to dinner at friend’s house, or dancing on the street like I did in these pictures maybe? I love this little black dress from Lam, which she calls it “the Lover dress”.

A slip-dress is always a feminine item having a rebellious message on its own. An in-the-bedroom item to wear on the street. And no, no bra at all. Who wears a slip-dress with a bra? The free-spirited woman is revealed the most when she wears a slip dress. “Free-spirit” is the connection between me and Lam, the reason I like her designs so much.

If black is the colour of absolute, dark blue is the colour which we have something to talk about. I don’t like it so much wearing black from head to toe (Ok, I admit I still do that once in a while on a day where I feel absolutely bored and sad and just want to throw on anything), so I pair this black dress with a dark blue vintage coat from the collection Lanvin for H&M. The silky texture of the fabric and the the extremely decorative buttons contrast with the coat’s unlined hems. Shoes were bought in emergency at a H&M boutique also when my vintage YSL seemed unable to handle my dancing and running on the streets of Paris.

I’ll be honest with you in case you have already wondered when you look at the photos: it is cold, very cold. With this weather, I normally put another manteau on top, I don’t mind wearing 2 coats at the same time! I had taken one off to take these photos 😉

Happy holidays!

Lam’ lover dress from Lam Boutique / Dark blue Lanvin x H&M coat from Mimi Vesper boutique / Shoes H&M.

Photos: Anh Huy Pham.





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