Fleur du printemps


Beautiful days have arrived.

We wake up at 8am to the ray of light from outside our windows. The usual dark sky of winter has already gone. Disappear. Vanish to somewhere on the other side of the globe.

The editorial this month is inspired by the nature of spring.
Sunlight, blue sky, sounds of the streets, chilly air, early flowers in the bloom… The feeling towards life is different when spring arrives. A feel of freshness.

An image of a tulip crossed my mind when I was struggling with pen and paper sketching this dress and the concept. Its colour evolves, transforms from light to dark, and at some point the petals almost turn iridescent according to the sun.
A girl with her bare feet on the forest ground, she walks, she runs, she smells, she feels. Spring everywhere in the air.
Anh Huy Pham suggested we did this shoot at Bois de Boulogne, and it was absolutely a right idea. The scenery is just magnificent with turquoise water around the islands and bulbs of flowers and plants beginning to sprout. Ha Tra did a great job of doing the shoot on her bare feet in the cold weather. (Spring is not that warm yet, I feel really guilty every time I think about this) Viet Cuong Hoang did the make up with perfect mixture of purple and blue on her eyes, translucent skin and lips.

We had a great time and after I went home, I still had some Igor Stravinsky music that we played in the background – Le sacre du printemps – in my head.
And a cold also. But it was worth it. 🙂

Clothes by Mimi Minh Nguyen
Photo: Anh Huy Pham
Make up: Viet Cuong Hoang
Model: Ha Tra

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