Hello 2014

Happy New Year ! From my photoshoot on 1st January 2014. Happy New Year ! From my photoshoot on 1st January 2014.

So here it is, 2014!

I started the year with a photoshoot on the 1st of January ! (a demo from the shoot is above.)

2 friends and me, 3 of us in the cold on the first day of the year, but we were all passionate and excited. I can’t wait to share with you this photoshoot soon !

I have been passionate about making beautiful images with a story for a long time. I remember back in the days when I was 16, I designed and sewn by myself 3 outfits with the theme “Japan”, got a pretty friend in my college to wear them, did the make up, styling and shot the photos on my own….Luckily now I have found friends who are interested in photography to create together. Brain-storming ideas of new and beautiful stories have been written down on my book, and I hope I can always be motivated and passionate as I am right now to make them happen this year.

Hmm….a new year resolution list… I used to have it in my head but in the end I realised I had very short-term memory! So now I prefer taking a pen and literally write it down on my brand new little handbook bought from Gilbert Jeune. 🙂 Here are my resolutions for 2014:

1/ Write things down: all the plans for the year, the months, even days, should be written down. Short-term, break-down goals are easier to achieved and make you feel more motivated. I have been through hard times where I found it difficult to follow my own year plan, I got lost, distracted, and uninspired, but writing down is like a therapy, it works. It always works for me!

2/ Isolate yourself when you need to work (this is more important to those who create), turn off smartphone, social medias notifications, no email-checking. Make a specific time in a day like that helps you move on on your real goals. I did this many times, cause I know if I leave everything on, I would spend all day replying to emails and chat and not work.

3/ Communicate more. Well, it’s a thing I definitely need! Maybe it’s better to schedule some hours per day to look at emails and messages and set mind to reply all of them. Relations are important. They bring opportunities. I was shy when I was younger, but now I have (gradually) learnt to smile to people more often, or have a small conversation with an old lady on the street sometimes 🙂

4/ Call family! I don’t know about you but this is actually my resolution 😀 Though I have been living away from my family for nearly 5 years and in fact, I enjoy being by myself… sometimes hearing their voice and knowing that they care for me are real encouragement. I love talking to my grandparents, they’re very cool and supportive. I like talking to my mom also, though we talk mostly about business and get stress sometimes, I always try to tell her I love her before we hang up. Most importantly, I feel better after talking to my family! Yes, I should call them more.

5/ Go out. See things. Learn. (classic one)

Hmm….At the moment I’ve only got 5! I think they are general goals. 5 big one. Practical, cause I don’t want to write down things like “work more”, I think a schedule or organizing methods for work is more helpful.

What about you? Have you written down your new year resolution yet? Let me know! 🙂

Bisous et Bonne année ! x

Photo: Anh Huy Pham.

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  • Your new year resolution's practical and achievable… love it 😉 I haven't really written down a list per se but I know this year is all about new beginnings and perseverance!

  • Thank you 😉 I hope you have success and would like to know your resolutions too. Happy new year! x

  • Great list of new year resolutions!
    Communicating more is definitely one of the top 10 for my list of resolutions.
    Also, you look gorgeous in that photo!! (that's an awesome way to ring in the new year!)

    xx Jenn

  • I'm a true believer of plans – they are much more practical and achievable. Happy New Year to you too and wish you a wonderful 2014!

    Check out my new year post on print-clashing trend 🙂
    RASSP blog

  • Gorgeous!

  • this picture is stunning! happy 2014!