Home #2

home #2

Paris is turning grey. My third winter here. I am really just desperate for the hot weather and sunshine at home – Vietnam. Therefore I went through some photos I took this summer in Vietnam and suddenly found this unpublished shoot that I did in my parents’ apartment. The photographers are introduced to me by the VNLookbook team. They brought all professional lighting equipments into our living room to do this shoot, so that day I felt like a star 🙂 This is the second shoot of this living room on the blog after the first one last year with me and my big painting, where my 11-year-old brother took the photos.

All the time I’ve been telling everyone I would prefer to be a boy. I like to steal from my boyfriend, dad and grandfather’s closets. In these photos I was wearing my grandfather’s favourite checked shirt, a white skirt that I designed and cut myself (it has some pleats and volumes but the photos here don’t show, I will show them in another post), heels from last season Zara (bought in Paris and now they sit comfortably on my shoes shelf in Saigon), raffia hats and bags from Aup. Yes, they’re all home-made accessories 🙂

I always feel confident in men’s shirts. They are often in soft materials, oversized, straight-cut, and so comfortable to wear! I love to pair them with feminine items to create an interesting balance. The shirt is here with me now in Paris, I like it so much that my grandfather decided to give it to me.

On the wall there is a flowers painting I bought in a passage of Mac Thi Buoi street in Saigon at an incredible price of 30€ 🙂 You should all come to Vietnam. For me there is no place like home!



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