Mimiminh painting Crossroads


Honestly, I had no idea about how much I missed home when I was in Paris. Not even had an idea about what this summer was going to be like when I booked the flight tickets… Until I saw my Saigon appeared out of the plane’s windows, with thousands of lights, tiny vehicles and people coming closer and closer to me. Suddenly they became blurry under my eyes. I was crying when the plane landed.
I breathed the hot and humid air of summer night, the smell of wet land after the rain…, there is always a unique atmosphere that only this place has.
I knew that I was home.

Because of jet lag, I could not sleep. Then I saw an unfinished painting in the corner of my room. (My mom and dad leave my room and most things in the same place when I’m not at home.) It is a painting which I started more than a year ago. I never finished it because it was quite a big canvas and I just painted it in my free time. I named the painting ‘Crossroads’.

So yes, I stood up from my bed and painted my painting at 3am. (Thanks to jet lag:-) My dad helped me hang it in our living room the next morning.

There are lines crossing and two full moon rising/falling on two sides. You can turn the painting over and the two moons switch positions, one rises, one falls, but always the white parts of the moons overwhelm the dark parts.

The cute thing about this painting is everyone can interpret it in a different way. I was surprised when my mom and my dad told me they think about it differently from me.

Enjoy the photos and tell me what you think 🙂






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