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It’s getting colder and windy. I know summer has come to an end (please don’t hate me for saying this. My friends and I try not to complain or touch this “sensitive” subject too, because we simply don’t want to accept it)

Okay I’m not gonna talk about how grey winter is right now 🙁 We’re in autumn and it’s a beautiful season.

I spend a lot of time staying at home in Paris lately and organising my plans for school and work. That makes my travel-bug bite become so uncomfortable and gives me a fluctuating mood. That’s the power of weather, isn’t it? And I’m doing my best to avoid being affected by it. That includes:

1/ Regular running, decent meals, lots of water and taking care of skin

I could say traveling constantly in the past months gave my skin a lot of damages: pimples from long hours in cars, trains, planes and tolerating pollution. I spend a lot time to “recover” my skin. Homemade mask with yogurt and cucumar is best, 20 minutes per time, 3 times per week and in one week my skin has improved clearly. Giving my skin a spa by applying Biotherm Aquasource at night has improved the condition of my skin a lot, too.

*Tips: when applying cream it’s better to use a clean little spoon because even with clean hands, when you take out the cream from the bottle after massaging the cream on the face, it can bring bacteria into the pot.

2/ Make time for friends and family

I didn’t have time to call friends and family during vacation. Hmm…excuses? Time difference, constantly moving, expensive roaming and international calls… No more, right? I talked with my mom for 1 hour the other day and felt super better. I removed my guilt of not talking long time with her during my vacation, and she gave me lots of love and advice. Mom is our no.1 supporter, always.

3/ Wearing colours

You know, seeing people start to wear black, grey, scarves, coats and all that cold weather clothes really gets me depressed. I love summer and colours so much. I think we don’t necessarily have to wear darker colours in autumn and winter.

Colours have been proven to affect our attitudes. A little of colours can certainly brighten up the mood.

I was super excited when I got this mustard polo neck sweater.

It’s rare to see a sweater in this mustard colour, I’ve seen a lot of black, white, beige, and grey. I don’t know why it made me think of the archives of Diana Vreeland. Back then she usually worn a black one of course, it is a classic item that goes with everything. But how about a colour sweater, in mustard or red, worn with a mini skirt or cropped jeans? Fabulous.

Here I worn a Urban Outfitters turtleneck / H&M mini-skirt (don’t see it on their website so alternative here )/ Black ankle boots

It is very important to feel good no matter what the season is!

And you? What are your solutions for weather change?

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Selfies taken with Sony RX100 II in Grimm’s Apartment Hotel Berlin.

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