Lam, Paris


I met Lam exactly one year ago.

In one year, we have both changed and taken steps forward in our lives. Lam has just opened a new boutique in the heart of Saigon, 2 floors, on one of the most ancient, busiest, loveliest street of the city and hold her first fashion show…. She’s always one passionate, determined and busy business woman.

I was so surprised when one day she told me she would be in Paris in 2 weeks, after a few days she commented that she missed Paris on my video of snow on Instagram.

I was surprised not only because how quick this woman made her decisions, but also because that she decided to visit me at the time of Tet (Vietnamese new year), where others usually stay at home with their families.

For Lam, Tet is the only time of the year where her boutiques are closed and she has time to break away from work.

And as she told me, her home is here, Paris.

It’s just inexplicable the connection between Paris and Lam. Paris inspires Lam and appears everywhere in her clothes, her creations, her home. It’s always amazing when I brought her to buy clothes in Paris: A hat, a pair of gloves, a vintage skirt and sweater, a Cartier bag, she put them on together and suddenly I saw a Parisian woman that I always had in my imagination, like she just stepped out of a book or old movie.

I always love to take pictures of Lam. Her unique face with high cheekbones and no make up, just a swipe of red lipstick and her elegant tangled short, dark hair. I was tagging Elle magazine US in a picture I took of Lam in Jardin de Albert Kahn last year on instagram for a small competition and 2 months later my photo appeared on the paper version of the magazine. It was hilarious because I rarely take pictures of someone with my camera, I like my job to dress women as a designer and stylist and let my friends, mostly Anh Huy Pham, take the photos. So I must say Lam is the only woman that I photographed in 2 years.

And she really is, the one and only.

Diana Vreeland once said “There is no beauty without emotion”.

In Lam there are always many, different shades of emotions.

See for yourself.

Lam Paris










Photos taken by me in a day visiting musée Rodin and Montmartre.

Lam is wearing: black turttle neck pullover / vintage navy blazer from my closet (similar here) / Zara overlapped culottes (similar here) / vintage Dior bag / vintage gloves / scarf from Lam’s new collection for Lam Boutique.

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