I sat down with Lam for the first time outside of a boulangerie in Le Marais. We smiled. Her crimson red lips contrasted with those very calm, black eyes. She lit up. Smokes stayed for a while around us, then blended in the grey, cold Parisian winter air.

I was surprised by the first impression she had on me.

She has relaxing attitude, calmness, and naiveness. Lam is so natural.
The way she walked and talked to people. Her béret was placed artfully on a side of her head… I hardly believe this woman owns a successful clothing business in Saigon. She does not look like a woman in business at all. She looks like an artist, or a beautiful and fragile woman that inspires people. Lam inspires me so much.

We both like vintage clothes so we spent hours walking in Le Marais and Saint Germain. Lam dresses just like a Parisian. Her clothes have lovely colours combination with very artistic details like scarf and hat. I love that relaxing, kind of inattentive-to-trend attitude of a woman who likes to dress like no one else.

Here are some pictures of Lam that I took in Albert Kahn garden. (I will have a post that introduces you more about this wonderful place, kind of a hidden place from tourists in Paris.)

Check out Lam’s clothing line here.

20140204-_MG_7887 Love Lam. x

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