When was the last time you worn a balloon dress?

A dress that gives you space, you can move and swing around in it?
Hmm…Wrinkles on the dress because you move too much? It’s a balloon dress! Traces of movements are supposed to be there.

How about dressing like a schoolgirl? Don’t worry, Coco Chanel dressed like a schoolgirl too.

In the editorial this month I’d like to bring you a story of a girl who is daydreaming in a garden with her favourite book.

It’s a re-create of my childhood where I used to daydream everyday in the garden of my grandparents, each day with one different book in hands.

This photoshoot was inspired by L’amant novel and movie, story of a 15-year-old-and-a-half girl with a man’s hat, a pair of worn-out vintage shoes and a summer dress which was a bit big for her. Her thin figure and the healthy blush in her skin gave her an aura of innocence. She dressed like no one else.

Here I have vintage shoes as well, a pretty mint pair of Yves Saint Laurent from the 80s I bought in a brocante (vintage flea market) in Paris. Cherry blossom dress from Lam. And a watch my dad gave to my mom, which is now my property !

In Paris many people often accessorize themselves with a book, too.








_MG_3321-Edit BW



Photo: Anh Huy Pham
Make up: Viet Cuong Hoang
Styling by Mimi Minh Nguyen

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  • Quỳnh Anh Đỗ

    love your blog and your style <3