Late summer in Paris – August instagram diary


So we have to say goodbyes to August.

I had my rentrée scolaire (French expression for first day of school) on the 3rd September. This time of the year I have many documents to make for a new year of my student’s life, but I’m excited for new things to come and new things to learn 🙂

I just feel a bit regrets of missing the August vacance in Paris. As said in my previous post, I arrived to Paris just in time for a few days left of August where I was surprised by the calmness and the beauty of Paris in the summer.

I remembered when I first came here in the winter, it was terrible with something they call “a Paris syndrome”. My friend explained it to me that it is a illness and depression of some Japanese in the past when they came to Paris in the 80-90s and Paris was not like in their imagination.
To be honest, Paris is not glamorous of all time, Paris is not clean, streets and public transports do not meet my expectation when I was in London. But we love Paris because…Paris is different!

The lovely architecture and the way people pay attention to little details of decorations, the food, the people, the smell of vintage clothing shop and the laid-back attitude of dressing. (French chic attitude, looking good without trying too much).
I also love the Bohemian parts of the city, the hot summer days spending by Canal Saint Martins…. The artistic Montmartre, the ancient and elegant Saint-Germain des Pres…. Oh I just fell in love with Paris! (I used to hate it. Trust me. Haha)

Just a quick note with Instagram postcards to you. I hope you enjoy these vivid moments.
(And hope Paris is not getting cold too soon)

















All photos were taken with my iphone.

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