“Light of my life,

Fire of my loins”

Vladimir Nobokov began the novel with such a captivating, mellow phrase.

Lolita has been my favourite novel ever and inspired me a lot. I would say it is a novel containing many beautiful images of American lifestyle and fashion in the 50s. When they put it on the wide screen (there are 2 versions of the film in 1962 and 1997), Lolita was dressed in cheerful crop tops, quirky bright lips, cat eyed and heart-shaped sunglasses. She loved contemporary American pop cultures, teen movies and comic books.

IMG_0556 IMG_0501 IMG_0520

Large bows headband: Helen&Mimi; / Ralph by Ralph Lauren sunglasses / Bracelet: Helen& Mimi / Leather vintage bag bought in London / Tiffany&Co; earrings.

Top & Studded shorts: Helen & Mimi / Leather black sandals bought in Saigon / Silver rings: custom-made for me.

This is a throw-back post of a street style look I did for Fashion Collection Vietnam September last year. I was doing some clothes with the help of my friend Thu Dam (she now studies at Central Saint Martins London) and I decided to mixed our designs (Helen&Mimi;) with some accessories that I have.

The photos were taken in the central of Saigon, my hometown. The area still keeps its glamourous look with ancient buildings, cafe and boutiques – my favourite hanging spot in town.


Photos: Thu Dam.

Check out Helen & Mimi


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