Mimi at Lam


Remember my article about Lam?

As soon as I landed in Saigon, I wanted to visit Lam immediately the day after.

It is a little boutique on the first floor of 76A Le Loi street, one of the most expensive commercial street of Saigon. Many clothing, tattoo, or coffee shops opened recently are like this, they’re sort of hidden gems… in a passage, on a floor of an old building in the center of the town, where it is convenient to access and the rent is not as over the top as a space on the ground. You can walk along Dong Khoi street to visit some street galleries, choose any type of food in restaurants then end up in a clothing shop or cafe near by, Le Loi, Mac Thi Buoi, Dong Du streets…just by walking.

Lam greeted me with a big smile and a hug and let me in her shop. A bright, lovely, delicate space. Rows are filled with clothes in unusual colours which don’t belong to any season: black, white, navy, soft pink, brick orange, pink cream and blue….

I tried some clothes on. The softness of silk – Lam’s favourite material – made me feel free. I walked around to look at myself in the mirror and put on some lipstick but somehow the photos came out as if I was dancing.



IMG_3540IMG_3558 IMG_3615 IMG_3632

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