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So this is my first post in 2015!

It’s been such a long time. It’s cold here in Paris, we’re in the middle of winter now, but I am glad days have been brighten up a little bit and the sun is out at 8am. (Before 8am looked like 4am in December).

I was, in fact, not in a great mood throughout December. A little heartbreak (not little really, I cried for 3 days until 4 am and could not sleep). I was sick because I was so stressed during the week of exams…. I let winter and those things slow me down cause I made excuses based on them. I did not complete many points that I want to do. So yes, it took a little while to reform myself and make up my mind as well as my “resolutions”.

In this post I’m gonna share with you things that I have been doing everyday to achieve a better self. Things that I’ve been telling myself to do everyday to avoid another melt-down and stick to my schedule and goals.

So here are 5 things I have been doing and I feel they really really help me.

1/ Write down goals that you want to achieve weekly, and daily. Make real, real realistic goals, with the time that you think you can complete each of them. Tips: BE REALISTIC, don’t make goals with unrealistic timeline, if you’re late on your schedule all the time and there are still many goals are not completed at the end of the day, you can feel easy to give up. So give a realistic timeline! and COMMIT the written note, stick to it, be fast, precise, and finish them all at the end of the day.

2/ Take time to think for yourself, think about what you really want and what makes you happy, remember those moments that make you happy and try to repeat them. I think those make you happy the most is when you try to complete something of your passion. Sounds simple? But this is really hard when we live in a world with lots of distractions.

There were time when I spent so much time looking at Instagram and I could not do anything! I said yes to hanging out too much and put others’ priorities before myself. I really felt bad when at the end of the day I did not do anything that helped me move forward, or I just completed homework or tasks people gave me but not what I really love to do. I was lost, in many distractions. For me I remember I am the most happy when I’m busy working on something I love, I used to stay up many nights to cut clothes for my customers and also many sleepless nights working on my collections and I felt happy. So I always, always try to remember how happy I am in those moments of working on something I love, and try to repeat them.

Trust me, sometimes we do forget this when we have many distractions. So listen to yourself.

3/ Read good books. Often. Spare 15-30 mins before bed to read. Find books that help you to solve your weakness and improve yourself. I really recommend this book : Manage your day-today: Build your routine, find your focus & sharpen your creative mind. The important thing is to re-read often, turn what you learn into your daily practice, make them become your good habits. Good habits become characters that can change a way of living.

4/ Look for family and friends. People who support you truly. I’m been living away from home since I was 15 and I thought I was emotionally independent. But in difficult times when I cried so much and I thought I could not take it, I called my mom and my best friend… and I never regret. I’m glad I did talk to them. No one can move forward alone, no matter how strong they are. Family and friends share the fun and support you in difficult times: when you are emotionally stable, you can have great focus on your professional life.

5/ Healthy routine.

Eat and sleep well and on time. Nothing can make you feel bad than a lack of sleep. Also eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water. Do some exercises (even just some stretching and sit-ups in the house). Discipline comes from small things to bigger things. I try to do my work in the timeline expected and sleep on time, I see a big improvements in my mood.

So voilà, I just shared my 5 simple tips. I hope they can help you like they did to me.

And here are some photos at my favourite cafe in Paris to share with you. It is a very cool cafe with books (yes!) and concept store. These photos were taken during Christmas and New Year time, some were taken inside the cafe, and some were taken when we went out for a walk in the area nearby. I love Boulevard Beaumarchais in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. There are many cool boutiques to visit. And even some random corners are pretty.

Is it too late to say Happy New Year to you?



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  • Lovely post and pictures ! I love your haircut 😉
    xx, Clémence