More dash than cash: How to


My best friend has just told me that a friend of us had just asked about me :  if I all dressed in designers clothes.

I’m flattered to hear this, but no, I really don’t have a budget that big for clothes.

I bought a lot of vintage and high street clothes and some of them are customised to look a bit different, some of them I wear them as they are, and I keep mixing them again and again. For example, my tan-colour sandals I worn last year were re-used again for the photos I just posted recently.

Let’s think high street and vintage! But select them with your super trained eyes and then wear them proudly like they’re designers! Here are the things I always have in mind when I go in a store to buy clothes and accessories:

1/ The first thing that catches my eyes are lovely and unusual colours and patterns sneaking somewhere in the racks, waiting to be pulled out.

Or you can have a colour in mind before you go to a store: for example you have a blue-striped shirt, so you might be looking for a skirt/trouser in plain blue to mix with it.

2/ To see if it fits with your style, and yes, your closet.

Like above, think of some existing items you have and start imagining. There are a lot of beautiful things out there, but if it’s not your style and you’re not gonna wear it, save your money.

3/ Fabrics, surface, quality of the materials.

Cotton are better for your skin. Synthetic and polyester don’t look very luxurious.

4/The form!

Try it on. Does it help you correct your imperfections and enhance your figure? And pay attention to sizing, most vintage clothes are in big size.

5/ Newness

Look for the threads, are they well-sewn? Is there any marks on the items, washable or not? However I must admit some leather goods just look better when they age.

Voilà! 5 tips only!

That is my list. What about yours?


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