Northern Heritage

Northern Heritage

Like every summer in Vietnam, I head to the North.

Ha Noi is always one of my favourite destinations.

Some say Ha Noi feels like Paris at times. That, I agree. Retro ambiance is everywhere: old buildings and pavements, flea markets, hidden passages… the way the people still keep their old way of doing things like going to the park for morning exercises and joining the crowd eating street food on tiny tables and chairs on the street, coffee shops everywhere.

I used to stay here for weeks but this time I only had a day passing by the city. I visited Ha Dong village – a village famous for traditional silk-making, and later had a coffee with friends.

Ha Dong village, its other name is Van Phuc village, has been making silk since a thousand years ago. It is located 10 km from the center of Hanoi and famous for many types of silk, the most famous one is lua van, silk which has beautiful patterns on it (see my photos below), and was used to make clothes for royalty. I also discovered a new type of fabric and bought a few meters for making my dresses: dui, a type of textured fabric, it feels rough when touched but comfortable when worn. Dui is also famous for keeping its wearer cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Though the prices of silk here are higher compared to normal fabric markets in the city, the quality is indeed better and everything is purely handmade. The average price is around 10-15 euros per meter. Still better than European markets because I remember buying one meter of silk at Marché Saint Pierre in Paris for 24-35 euros.

I dress simply. Not because I’m a simple girl, I just started to get wiser. I prefer packing light and be as comfortable as possible. Before I normally brought at least 3 pairs of shoes on my travel : one for walking, one for day dresses, heels for dinner, now I only bring 1 or 2 pairs of shoes with me. You’re gonna see me wear sandals most of the time for this trip because I do walk a lot. Sandals can totally be classy with lovely dresses. I pair them many times with colourful shift dresses, the ones I can just zip up and go.

Northern Heritage-2

Wearing: Red dress: Caro (they don’t have an online boutique, I bought at 97B Li Tu Trong, Ben Thanh, Hochiminh city) / Leather sandals are a gift from my mom. You can find similar items below this post.

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At Cong cafe Hanoi: where you can see Vietnam in the 80s and have the best yogurt coffee.

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