On the move

on the move

I’m back!

And this time I have completed my “about“, I left it “to be updated” for too long.

It really took me a long time to think hard about the direction for my blog, my life, and put all of my thoughts into words.

I’m launching a store selling selected and re-worked vintage pieces very soon this month: www.mimivesperboutique.com, and have been busy with my new school (which I now do my fashion design degree totally in French) and a new apartment.

My bags collection I worked on this summer now has its very first collection of samples and will be sent to me soon to make a lookbook, I’m planning to launch this in January.

Also my work as a stylist keeps me extra extra busy but happy. We now have a team of a photographer, a stylist and a make up artist and we work with several model agencies.

To be honest I am not sure how it’s gonna turn out but I stay optimistic. I remember I had the same feeling when I gave up my BA scholarship in England to go to Paris. The route ahead is risky, but exciting, and I think it’s totally worth taking hard work.

Lots of love.

Paris 3 Nov 2014.

Photos taken at Concorde, after I went to see the Peter Lindberg exhibition at Gagosian Gallery nearby with Anh Huy Pham. Wearing pieces in my coming Mimi Vesper boutique collection.

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