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mimivesper marseille

In the last post I said I always felt more comfortable in the one-piece. I didn’t really say why: I have never felt so confident with my bra size.

Hummm….big confession! But I do not want to change a thing about my body, really.

It’s just that I feel putting on a bikini exposes the same amount of skin every time, and it does not help me much to “enhance” or “correct” the way clothing does.

There is also one other, bizarre reason that bikinis have never interested me so much since the age of 15 when I was allowed to do my shopping alone, maybe you have already seen that reason on the sidebar: most girls at the beach are wearing bikinis!

Bikini. It’s sexy. Swimsuits, in fact, are not the choice of most of my friends. Maybe because they make us remember the bathing suits we put on as little girls? My friend told me I looked like ‘Lolita’ in this one-piece… No… I don’t have the feeling the once piece makes me feel less of a woman.

Each bikini exposes almost the same amount of skin. And not that all bikinis look the same, but to find one very unique style, it’s much more difficult and expensive.

The once-piece seems more like my choice.

I simply prefer my swimwears to have more shapes and style. It’s more fun.

1/ The cut. 

You have a nice waist, you can feel extra sexy in a cut-out once-piece.

You have a nice, thin shoulders, go for an off-shoulder piece.

You have a nice curve at the back, go for a low-cut at the back like the one I’m wearing.

You want to lengthen your legs? Choose the high cut that shows of the legs.

The choice is vast.

2/ Patterns and colours:

We all knew patterns and colours can slim down or enhance the body. Dark colours at the bottom, light colours or stripes on top, like this one in my last post. This one-piece I wear has little stripes and black outline which enhances the figure, and I like its “vintage Vogue” feeling 🙂

And you? What do you think about the one-piece? Does it make you feel less-mature (the image of our childhood putting on a bathing suit)? Or you just love the variation it brings to our female shapes?

PS: The photos were taken on île de Frioul, an island not far from the land of Marseille, France. The scenery there is absolutely magnifique with different shades of blue.

We swam in a small “calanques” where the water is transparent and we can see little fishes around us.  The water is still cold but getting a tan there on one of those calanques is very agreeable because it’s like you have a little private beach for yourself, somewhat hidden behind the stones and there is smooth sand under your feet. (If you’re lucky to go early to get a spot, on this island one spot is very small: it fits a couple or a family, but I like the privacy of it). I’ve got very tanned after a day there. Absolutely love it. (I’m going against Asian beauty standard which prefers white porcelain skin here)

More photos of beautiful Marseille and this island coming soon as my “postcards” for you.

À bientôt !

mimivesper marseillemimivesper marseille

mimivesper marseille

mimivesper marseille



marseille mimivesper

Blue curaçao icecream


This dog swam with us in the Calanque


We went back on the ship to get back to the land when the sunset arrived. It means around 9:30-10pm. How I love summer in Europe!


Golden Marseille at sunset

Wearing: One-piece from Petit Bateau/ Hat from H&M / Sandals from & Other Stories (similar here)

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  • Anna Dawson

    Love this post!! I can also totally relate to issues around bra size 😉 Your photographs are beautiful and the swimsuit is gorgeous! Keep up the lovely work. Bisous, Anna

  • ashburrell

    Love this post! I can totally understand how you feel especially about the bra size! It can be a bit daunting but you definitely look beautiful in that full piece! Https ://