5 must-do’s in Marseille

I had a chance to visit Marseille last month and it was really a wonderful experience. Marseille is quite a “photogenic” city, my camera was on all the time to capture every picturesque moment because there are so many.
It is a big city. For first-time visit, I think it could take at least 3 days to explore.
Here are my favourite must-do’s in town…

Rock ‘n’ Rose

The first day of the fashion week did not start easily. I woke up at 7am to prepare for the Phillip Lim menswear show at 8:30 and my train to Marseille not long after. The protest of the Parisian taxi drivers against Uber really got us running when it took 30 mins to get an Uber car with a ...

A creamy palette

Summer has just officially started for me! Finally I have finished the school year of fashion design and ready for travels and adventures. I have been sick for a few days after the jury of the school because I was working - no, procrastinating literally - for 2 days without an actual meal except for biscuits ...

More dash than cash: How to

My best friend has just told me that a friend of us had just asked about me : if I all dressed in designers clothes.
I’m flattered to hear this, but no, I really don’t have a budget that big for clothes.
Let’s think high street and vintage! But select them with your super trained eyes then wear them proudly like they’re designers! Here are the things I always have in mind when I go in a store to buy clothes and accessories:


So May has come! Summer is just around the corner! Paris is warmer and nicer and I am able to hang out with my blazers and light-coloured pants! Actually I always love wearing white or cream pants no matter it is winter or summer... just that now people can look at me like I'm normal because ...