Postcards from Venice

postcard from Venice

“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go”.

Truman Capote once said, and my companion on this trip, Helly, quoted him on her instagram

I have to agree with both of them.

Venice, really, has so much beauty that every moment you feel so overwhelmed and in love. I got it, immediately when I arrived to Venice, why they say that you have to go to this town with a lover. (But it’s not bad at all to travel there with friends, we save next time for the boys 🙂 )

We were lucky to stay at hotel Palazzo Sant’Angelo situated at San Marco, the heart of Venice so we were able to explore most of the famous sights like the Piazza San Marco, Teatro la Fenice, Campo St Angelo, Campo Francesco Morosini, Ponte dell’Accademia… just by walking.

We could have taken a boating tour through the canals if it hadn’t been a super hot summer day. But it is still better sunny than raining I think, we’ll do that next time!

Take a Venice stroll with me through my lens:

PostcardsfromVenice (10 of 20)PostcardsfromVenice (6 of 20)On the shopping street where there are a lot of luxury brands, in front of Piazza S.Marco (Saint Mark’s Square)

PostcardsfromVenice (3 of 20)Teatro La Fenice (La Fenice theatre).

PostcardsfromVenice (4 of 20)I have to confess: I have a thing for lanterns. These ones in Venice are like mysterious boxes containing dreams, in many pretty colours.

hellyinvenice (17 of 17)Saw this magnifique spot on the canal, had to put my Helly on it because her beautiful dress in mustard matches perfectly with the picture.

PostcardsfromVenice (7 of 20)I love those houses on the canals that have flowers on their balconies! (many, many of them)

PostcardsfromVenice (11 of 20) PostcardsfromVenice (12 of 20) PostcardsfromVenice (1 of 20)The colours of Venice are in perfect harmony. Not too saturated, just in their perfect mix.

PostcardsfromVenice (5 of 20)hellyinvenice (3 of 17)Helly Tong was wearing:  Textured dress from Mango / Black sandals from & Other Stories (out of stock so similar here) / Longchamp Le Pliage tote bag / a hat made by my family atelier (order by contacting me here)

PostcardsfromVenice (9 of 20) PostcardsfromVenice (8 of 20)Little boy running in Piazza San Marco.

PostcardsfromVenice (14 of 20)Ponte dell’Accademia

PostcardsfromVenice (13 of 20)

I took two shots, one is clear and one is blur. Somehow I prefer this blur shot because it reflects the lights and happiness of the moment.

PostcardsfromVenice (15 of 20)On the sides of Ponte dell’Accademia there are cute streets with a lot of small local boutiques. This photo was taken on one of those streets and the little girl was playing with her hat.

I bought my favourite perfume from Santa Maria Novella in this area.

PostcardsfromVenice (2 of 20)Another photo of one of the canals. Except from the part near Piazza St Marco and the shopping streets in front, the rest of Venice was not crowded like I’d expected. We enjoyed many calm moments of a summer afternoon here by the canals.

PostcardsfromVenice (17 of 20)Venice at night. European summer nights start from 10pm 🙂

PostcardsfromVenice (20 of 20)PostcardsfromVenice (19 of 20)Saint Mark’s Square at night. The lights are magnifique, and there are artists playing live classical music in the cafes, creating a splendid, easy-going and romantic atmosphere.

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