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Hello there,

We have just said goodbye to February and welcomed March. I can see some flowers and green coming back in spring, the day has just slightly got longer and Paris, still, surprised me by its changes and showing its diverse of landscapes, feelings, people, and weather (talking about unpredictable rain and sun these days)…
Every part of Paris looks different, feels different, smells different, and changes in various ways depending on the time of the year.
Spring is the time for flowers. (actually I would celebrate flowers no matter the seasons) 😉
And today I would like to share with you some interesting things about the making of the editorial Doomed Flower that I posted last time.

At first the concept of this shoot was to be photographed in Père Lachaise cemetery. You can see some pictures I took with my phone when I went there to see the location on the moodboard below. It is a very famous cemetery in Paris, built in 1804, where many famous people resting in peace. I really love it for the shoot because of its ancient, calm, a little mysterious ambiance with very old, decaying graves.
When I informed the location to my friends, they were all surprised.
On the day of the shoot, a friend who was supposed to assist us with photography equipments, he refused to come, because he was a little afraid to go into the cemetery. But it’s ok, the photographer, model, and me, we were still very determined to go in. I finished my dress the night before, just in time for the shoot.

As soon as we shot some first photos, I knew exactly this was the place in my imagination for the dress. Alessandra, who worn this dress, she was standing in front of the door of a grave. The old stone with spiderwebs and a blue light coming out of the grave in the background, it was a magnificently decaying scene.

Unluckily for us, a group of guards came and asked us to stop. We did not expect this, so we were speechless. They thought we pretended that we did not speak French, so they pushed: You don’t speak French, we’ll call the police”. The photographer was so scared so he showed the camera and deleted all the photos in front of them 🙁 We were upset at him afterwards and told him they did not ask us to delete, if we just said that we were going to leave.
But yes, sometimes the guards in a cemetery like that can be very rude, I have encountered many situations we were not allowed to shoot in a location and the guards told us in a nice way not to. After all I am still a tourist in Paris… 🙂 Next time we really need to do some research and ask for permission before shooting.

So we had to go to a garden near Saint Paul to shoot. It was 5pm and we had to hurry since the sun was going down. Though it was not exactly what I wanted, but the background with green looked pretty fine.

This was the first photoshoot I did with model wearing my designs in Paris. We were tired but had such a day with many interesting moments and fun. Really thank Anh Huy Pham and Alessandra for doing this shoot with me 🙂

sketch small


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