Red & White


I must admit that red is not my colour. I’ve been in love with black, black and black like forever. Yet when it comes to accessories…the colour red in my closet is even harder to find, I always opt for black, nude, metallic, the colours which are easier to play mix and match with. Red is too pop, too sensual, too revealed. (I’m a shy girl, you know)

At the last minutes of the preparation for this shoot, I literally ran around and tried to reach everyone I could…to borrow a pair of red shoes! I don’t have any red shoes, and the red silk blouse I worn for this shoot I bought just the day before also. All of the efforts above, are mainly for the red pattern on my white skirt. Yes. My self-handmade skirt for school project, hand-sewing hemlines, hand-embroidery in red, with that tiny tiny waist and an unfinished fold in front.

As I have been learning pattern cutting from books and making my own clothing collection by myself, it is very interesting to have a chance to learn the basics of pattern-making in school. I learn how to use pins and thin craft paper to create patterns, it is nothing like my old way of using thick carton paper to make clothes, tracing every line and taking doubled-time to cut. (My family makes handbags and hats so I’m influenced by the way they make patterns for mass-production)

I’m so lucky to be here to learn not only techniques, skills, but also the French taste. (Let’s talk a little about French taste: at first you might think it is plain, but if you look a bit closer, and closer, you see the woman, with her relaxing attitude, but you know for sure she’s got taste and she has put on her clothes with wit and care.) – Plain, that’s exactly the first word I thought when I was given the project by my teacher. But in the end it turns out a very chic item, which you put on and immediately realise it is Parisian, no doubt!

_DSC0105-Edit _DSC0089-Edit

A tiny-waisted skirt with flare volume like this can be paired with a relaxing top to create a balanced silhouette. Here I pair my skirt with an oversized silk blouse.


Hand-embroidery on the pockets.


_DSC0160-Edit copy

Blouse: vintage

Skirt: hand-made by me for school project

Shoes: Minelli

Necklace and bangle: Mango

Photo by my friend ahuypham (His flickr: StylelaB)

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