The begin of Spring

Mimi Minh Nguyen 1

Paris is full of flowers!

And the clock finally changed last weekend. It is officially spring time!

Here are some photos of me from the visit to musée Rodin with Lam. Lam took the photos with my camera, I edited them 🙂

I love this kimono jacket by Lam. It is fresh to wear kimono as another layer to brave the cold, instead of my usual habit to wear a blazer. I pair it with a black pullover, a blue skirt (that you’ve probably seen in this post), and put a scarf (also from Lam) as a hair band on my head.

It was a lovely idea to wear a square scarf as a hair band, since that day I woke up with super messy hair. I have to say there are days I don’t want to go out because I have bad hair (Don’t scold me. It’s ok, I’m a girl, anyway). So when I saw this scarf, I knew immediately I had found my solution! I went on Youtube to look at video on how to tie a scarf on your head…. And voilà, I guess I tied that scarf that pretty well. It stayed on my head for the whole day.

I hope you enjoy the flowers in the garden as well as on my outfit.

Have a lovely Easter!


kimono Lam kimono-2 kimono museerodin-5 Mimi Minh Nguyen Mimi Minh Nguyen 3 museerodin-4 Mimi Minh Nguyen

Wearing: black turttle neck pullover / Kimono & scarf by Lam / Vintage blue skirt (similar here) / Burgundy boots from Camper (similar here) / Vintage Moschino bag (similar here)

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