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I’m back home in Paris and the memory of Venice keeps lingering on.

The colours, the lights, the water, the ambiance, the smell of summer… even decaying walls. Venice has its own charm of a city built on water. Half destroying, half romantic… Decayingly-romantic I might say.

Like Aix en Provence, this elegant city mesmerized me right the moment I arrived. I couldn’t describe the colours of Venice. We all know the Italian love colours (wait for my photos of Cinque Terre coming soon), but this, the colours of Venice, they are a little different, not too vibrant, not too dim… they are combined together in a perfect harmony that just took my heart away immediately!

I was so careful in editing the photos so that they bring out the most of what I felt in the moment I took them (that’s why it took so long). On this whirlwind trip, I think I’ve taken on the average 500 images per day, but for Venice, around a thousand alone! So there is inevitably a “postcard post” with some addresses we visited coming soon… Editing is all about “decision”, when I have to decide which photos to delete and which photos to keep, then decide what tone of colours will fit them, then which order I should put them together. It is not easy for me this time since I do not want to delete a single image of Venice, because I have already been so in love 🙂

I remember the character I love in a James Bond movie filmed in Venice, Vesper, was wearing a red dress. I completely agree with this single-colour scheme. Because in a colourful place like this, wearing a one-colour dress is ideal to separate yourself from a sea of colours.

I chose a blue cotton dress from &Other Stories with an oversized form and a belt. I love how feminine and relaxed it looked as well as how comfortable the soft cotton is.

I hope you enjoy seeing Venice through my eyes…. And me, I’m still dreaming when I look at these photos.

VESPERinVenice (4 of 12) VESPERinVenice (3 of 12)VESPERinVenice (8 of 12)VESPERinVenice (12 of 12)VESPERinVenice (10 of 12)VESPERinVenice (9 of 12)
VESPERinVenice (11 of 12)VESPERinVenice (5 of 12)VESPERinVenice (2 of 12)VESPERinVenice (1 of 12)

Wearing: Blue dress from & Other Stories / Black sandals from Minelli / Vintage Longchamp bag from Vestiaire Collective / Raffia hat custom-made for me by my family’s atelier (contact me if you’d like to order one)

More variations of the items I wear here:

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