Mimi Vesper is under creative direction of (Mimi) Minh Nguyen.

You can call me Mimi (in case you want to send me an email to say Hi)

I take most photos, and edit all photos on this blog.

Special thanks for my friends : photographer Anh Huy Pham and the VNLOOKBOOK team who have helped me put the initial stones for this blog.

Anh Huy helped me from the beginning to take outfits photos. He takes incredible streetstyle photos.

VNLookbook is the team behind the pretty look of Mimi Vesper. They helped me realise every detail from the little icons I drew by hands to the fonts I chose, with so much patience.

1/ Contributors:

We always welcome contributors for Mimi Vesper.

Photography and contents are always very important to us.

Style? Romantic and natural, with an interesting combination of colours.

2/ Press:

Mimi Vesper blog welcome readers to share contents they find interesting or helpful with others  (facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram…) with referance.

Please contact me before using any content of this blog for commercial purpose.

3/ Advertising & Collaboration:

I’m very open to collaborations and sponsored programs with products and brands that suit the style and direction of the blog.

I don’t mind travel for photos. I’m obsessed with finding colours harmony in nature and in clothes. Photography is my favourite way to capture and express this interest.

The blog does have affiliate links and sometimes features products and banners. However, as the author, I am always honest with my opinions. I only give my honest reviews, I will not feature anything I won’t buy or won’t want to use.

If you have any questions, please contact me. Most of the time I will write back 🙂


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